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Discontinuation G1 products to 31.12.2017


It really happens! The grace period is now really over!
Production of G1 components finally discontinued on 31.12.2017.

Currently, we sell SimonsVoss products of the 1st and 2nd generation in parallel. 1st generation G1 protocol components were launched in 1998, and second generation products have been available since 2008. SimonsVoss has been seeking to replace G1 products with more powerful second generation products for some time. This process is now largely completed. As a result, SimonsVoss will finally discontinue the production of G1 products as of 31.12.2017 and only sell off remaining stocks or deliver analogue G2 products. In addition, SimonsVoss has launched an exchange program with special conditions, so that we can make you a particularly attractive offer for a changeover.



What does this mean for your locking system and what should be considered now?

You must know that now:

  1. Due to the discontinuation, pure G1 locking systems can no longer be extended by further G1 products (new goods) or defective components can be replaced, which can lead to considerable difficulties in a house or office door.
  2. All orders for G1 products received by December 31, 2017, are still largely supplied with G1 products. Thereafter, a delivery is only made by G2 products while stocks last (sales of remaining stock at SimonsVoss).
  3. Replacement deliveries and the replacement of defective G1 products will only take place from January 2018 through G2 products with comparable functionality.
  4. There is a special package (LSM.BASIC.ONLINE.G2-SET) for the conversion of existing locking systems :
    • consisting of the LSM Basic Online software including a huge range of functions (and the SmartCD.G2 programming device,
    • which you can order at a special price of € 1,237.77 instead of € 2,475.59 (excl. tax)
    • with free return of your old programmer within 14 days. Otherwise the full package price will be charged.
    • You save 50%!
  5. Important Note: The above measures do not apply to the G1 products for Mixing Plant operation from the 2016 standard price list, such as Pincode Keyboard, Smart Output Module, and VDS Block Lock.



Requirements for installing a mixing plant:

  1. For the mixed operation of G1 and G2 products in a system, the following conditions must be met:
    • You need the latest version of the SimonsVoss management software (LSM software release 3.3)
    • Tip: If you still have LDB software in use, you can import files from the LDB into the LSM.BASIC.
  2. You need a programmer that can program both G1 and G2 products:
  3. For users who still program their cylinders with a PDA or PALM on-site, SimonsVoss recommends using a tablet in combination with the LSM.MOBILE and the corresponding programmer (type: SmartCD.G2) to maintain full functionality.
  4. With the guide, you can easily determine the need to convert a G1 system. In this overview you will find a list of which G2 product replaces the corresponding G1 product.



What is the difference between G1 and G2 and what advantages does a mixing plant offer?

Characteristics G1 G2
Loockings per system 16.000 64.000
Identification media per system Transponder: 8.000

Transponder: 64.000

SmartCards: 64.000

Time zones 5+1  100+1
Lockings per Transponder 48.000 304.000
Lockings per SmartCard - 32.000
Access on one locking 3.000 3.000
Storage of records on the transponder 3 independenting system 3 G1- and 4 G2 locking systems
Networking yes yes
Status discontinuation to 31.12.2017 current


Advantages of a mixing system of G1 and G2 components:

  • Easier product selection
  • Existing G1 products can continue to be used and do not need to be replaced
  • More Convenient Locking System Management: The information about the access authorizations can be stored in the lock cylinder or in the transponder, i. With each programming it can be decided which component (s) are easier to reach or which is less effort to implement programming.
  • Improved technical values, e.g.
    • For each transponder, four G2 and three G1 locking systems can be operated
    • 100 + 1 time zone groups
    • A lock cylinder can manage up to 64,000 locks
    • Virtual network
  • You can use all the product innovations, such as
  • Lock cylinder with integrated door monitoring (DoorMonitoring function)
    • The new variants of the SmartHandle door fitting (SKG, DoorMonitoring, for glass doors),
    • The new WaveNet media converter: This converts TCP / IP signals into 868 MHz radio signals. He also supports the possibility of blocking doors in amok scenarios or unlocking in case of fire or emergency call.



The LSM Basic Online 3.3 includes the following enhancements and setup modules:

  • LSM.BASIC - LSM Basic 3.3
  • LSM.NW-128 - network for max. 128 networked components
  • LSM.REPORT - extensive reporting
  • LSM.MONITOR - Logging changes to the system in the software
  • LSM.VN - virtual networking
  • LSM.NFC - for expansion with Near Field Technology (NFC) in conjunction with a smartphone (not to be confused with the stand-alone MobileKey system)





You need help? - We are here for you!

You need help with the conversion or do not have time to deal with this problem? We are there for you and take over the system conversion of your digital locking system - on request also on site. We design the transition from the transponder to the cylinder and advise you on this topic. For a fixed price of 336.09 € (excl. tax) plus any applicable travel costs we offer the programming / conversion of your existing locking system. After the purchase, we will contact you and discuss the next steps with you. Easy. Fast. Competently. The package includes:

  • Design
  • Consultation
  • Setup / maintenance of the G1 and G2 mixing plant by TeamViewer or on-site service
  • Programming
  • Prerequisite: Purchase of the special package with SmartCD G2 and LSM Basic Online
  • System check


If you would like to change over to a mixing plant yourself, you will find help or step-by-step instructions from SimonsVoss here:

Consisting of the SMARTCD.G2 programming device and the LSM Basic Online LSM.BASIC.ONLINE for setting up a G1 / G2 mixing system.
Installation and change service from G1 digital locking system to G2 or mixed locking system.
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