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Daitem - radio alarm systems



An alarm system protects your home effectively from burglaries - especially in connection to a good mechanical basic security. But alarm systems offer even more: They warn in case of a fire and hence prevent from damages caused by fires, they call help in case of medical emergencies or at robberies and protect from technical damages due to water. The need for security is strong. Protect yourself with a wireless alarm system by Daitem from losing non-material values, damage of your ownership, health impairments or even criminal acts.


Intrusion protection for houses and apartments - Wireless alarm systems by DAITEM

The number of burglaries in Germany increases steadily. Houses and apartments are endangered equally. Intruders do not draw distinctions, but they shy away from alarm systems! As can be seen in the images below, Daitem wireless alarm systems protect your rooms without attracting attention. The head of the alarm system is the center. Here, all information runs together. The "speaking" center acknowledges the on- or off-commands acoustically and reminds of open windows or doors when leaving the house. With a transponder, the alarm system is switched on / off comfortably.

Contact transmitters monitor windows and doors around the clock and transmit unauthorized opening or access immediately to the alarm center. The infrared motion detector for interiors detects every unauthorized intruder. The motion detector with animal-immune-function for exteriors monitors the terrace reliably. People are detected even before entering the building. This is active intrusion protection. In case of danger, a warning is transmitted directly to a security company or a siren alarm is triggered.


Daitem offers different security systems for different requirements. Therefore, on the following sites you will find a range of offerings from product lines for houses, apartments and small businesses to product lines which are perfectly suitable for hotels, doctor's offices or living as well as business premises. Daitem wireless alarm systems offer individual security solutions for intrusion, fire and emergency. They are comfortable and easy operable and installed completely wireless.


Quality labels VdS Home and VSÖ certification for Daitem products:

  • the wireless intrusion detection system D24 is approved by VdS classes A, B and C
  • products of Daitem product line D22 are in approval for quality label VdS Home
  • the wireless alrm system Daitem D18 is certified by VdS Home



D18 -Funk-Alaramanlage für den kompakten Einstieg

D22 - Funk-Alarmsystem für ein flexibles Design D24 - Hybrid-Einbruchmeldeanlage ist das zertifizierte Multitalent
  • Wohnung
  • Häuser
  • kleine Gewerbebetriebe
  • Wohnung
  • Häuser/Villen
  • kleine Gewerbebetriebe
  • gehobene private Immobilien
  • Gewerbeobjekte
  • Verwaltungsgebäude
  • öffentl. Einrichtungen
  • Museen, Hotels etc.












ohne Versicherungsauflagen


und Versicherungsauflagen


und Versicherungsauflagen



Hybrid (mit Funk- und Drahtkomponenten)

Funk Hybrid (mit Funk- und Drahtkomponenten nach VdS)
Zertifizierungen VdS Home

VdS Home (angemeldet)

VSÖ-PS (Österreich)

VdS A-Funk



VSÖ-GS (Österreich)

  • Zentrale mit Sprachausgabe
  • Code-Einrichtung
  • Handsender
  • Transponder
  • Schloss-Sender
  • Zentrale mit Sprachausgabe
  • Code-Einrichtung
  • Handsender (bidirektional)
  • Transponder
  • Schloss-Sender
  • Notruf-Medaillon
  • Zentrale mit LCD-Anzeige
  • Bus-Bedienteil
  • Funk-Bedienteil mit integriertem Transponderleser
  • Handsender
  • Funk-Rosette
  • abgesetzter Transponderleser
Sprachausgabe ja ja ja
Klartext-Display nein nein ja
Batteriestandzeit ca. 3 Jahre ca. 5 Jahre ca. 2 Jahre
Scharfschalt-Bereiche 3 2 / 4 / 8 3 / 4 / 8
Funk-Verfahren Twin-Band Twin-Band Dyna-Band
Funkmelder 20 15 bis zu 128 / 255
Funkbedienelemente 10 15 bis zu 128 / 255
Geräte-Garantie 2 Jahre 5 Jahre 2 Jahre
  • sprechende Sirene
  • Bewegungsmelder mit Kamera
  • Code-Einrichtung mit attraktivem Wechsel-Covern
  • Bidirektionale Handsender mit LED zur On/Off-Anzeige
  • Bedien-App in Vorbereitung
  • Brandmeldekomponenten nach EN54 integrierbar
  • professionelle Sicherheits- und Brandmeldelösungen realisierbar
  • Dynamische Frequenzwechsel-Verfahren
  • DynaBand garantiert besonders sichere Funübertragung
  • sehr hohe Funkreichweite ermöglicht komplexe und Speziallösungen auch für große Objekte

The components of design line D22 are installed completely wireless, they monitor your premises reliably and support a nice atmosphere.

The D18 is designed to meet your personal needs. Thanks to state-of-the-art wireless technology, all modules can be combined and expanded wirelessly.

Batteries for Daitem products, assigned to product lines.

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