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Security is a need that is becoming increasingly important. You want your family and your property to be well protected. The Daitem D18 is the appropriate radio alarm system for apartments, houses and small commercial enterprises. It is installed clean, fast functional and works reliably. In addition, it is flexible, extensible and easy to adapt when moving or remodeling.


How does the Daitem wireless alarm system work?

Daitem wireless alarm systems work like conventional, wired alarm systems. The difference is that the alarm systems are operated with high-quality batteries and work on radio base. The large cable laying, which is necessary when installing wired alarm systems, is eliminated. The detectors monitor doors and windows or interiors. As soon as they detect an intruder, this information is not transmitted through a cable, but by radio to the alarm center. The control panel controls an external siren and / or a telephone dialer (for notification of a security company) via radio. An alarm siren in the building can also be triggered. Operation is via radio too, for example, with a hand-held transmitter, a code keyboard or when unlocking and locking the door. The Daitem product range provides different alarm systems, to give you the most convenient solution.



With the Daitem D18, up to 3 areas can be monitored - individually or all together - just as you wish. This guarantees maximum freedom of movement and flexibility. Outbuildings or garages can be monitored independently as well as floors or apartments. To be able to move freely, for example, on the upper floor while the ground floor is monitored.


Characteristics of D18:

  •     Quick and clean installed
  •     TwinBand® method for double transmission reliability of the radio signals
  •     Simple operation with a clear voice
  •     Wireless alarm system completely without power adapter
  •     Long battery life (3 years under normal use)
  •     Flexible and expandable, easy when moving or remodeling adapt
  •     Anytime help summon through the emergency transmitter
  •     In Austria approved by VSÖ class PS

The center registers and processes all data and checks the wireless transmission paths constantly.

Control elements of Daitem D18 enable you to quickly activate and deactivate your alarm system.

Wireless warning devices register movements and temperatures and alarm immediately in case of an intruder.

Receivers serve as an interface between the Daitem alarm system and other electric devices.

Wireless detectors for outdoor use

Signaling devices signal burglaries or raids immediately acoustically and/or visually.

Dialing devices transmit alarms and inform an emergency or service point.

Accessories for Daitem products for D18 product line.

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