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Wireless warning devices

The wireless contact detectors monitor doors and windows. They recognize and report when they are opened unauthorized. A wireless infrared motion detector reliably registers every movement and reports intruders immediately.

The SONIN water sensor detects at an early stage and reports water levels above 2 mm.
The acoustic radio glass breakage detector detects glass fracture noise with pressure evaluation.
Infrared-motion detector (12m, 90°) monitors endangered rooms in the object. Detects changes in infrared rays due to motion.
Infrared-motion detector (12m, 90°) monitors rooms in the object. Can distinguish between human-beings and animals.
the wireless dual motion detector combines infrared and radar and hence provides intrusion protection inside the object.
In the white radio contact transmitter Mini opening of windows and doors is a magnet monitored and detected.
In the white radio contact transmitter opening of windows and doors is a magnet monitored and detected.
Universal contact transmitter for external contacts or Daitem-technology sensors. To use in exteriors.
Universal contact sender for external sensors (for example house technical sensors like gas or water detectors).
The smoke and heat detector combines the functions of an optical smoke detector and a heat detector in one device.
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