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Daitem - Funkalarmanlage D22


Wireless - Comfortable - beautiful design

You want everything that's near and dear to you to be protected well. You place value on a nice ambience. The Daitem design line D22 is the right wireless alarm system for you. the components are installed completely wireless, fast and clean and monitor your premises reliably. For residential houses, small businesses as well as construction zones, gardens and carports.


How does a wireless alarm system by Daitem work?

Daitem wireless alarm systems work just like traditional wired alarm systems. The difference is that the wireless systems are powered by batteries and work on a wireless basis. the extensive laying of cables, which is necessary for an installation of wired alarm systems, is no longer needed. The detectors monitor doors and windows or interiors. As soon as they detect intruders, they transmit the information not via cable, but wireless to the alarm center. The center controls an external siren and / or a dialing device wirelessly (for contacting a security company). There is also siren alarm inside of the building possible. The operation does also work wirelessly, for example with a handheld transmitter, a code-keypad or at opening or locking the door. The Daitem product lines offer different alarm systems to offer you the most comfortable solution for your requirements.

Features of D22:
  • TwinBand®-method for double safety of transmission of wireless signals
  • easy and comfortable operation with a clear voice output
  • code-device with decoration covers for different living-styles
  • wireless alarm system completely without network connections
  • long battery life (5 years for normal use)
  • flexible and extensible, easy to adjust in case of relocation or renovation
  • wireless external siren with alarm sound, voice output and dog barking 



Product presentation D22

The center registers and processes all data and transmits all data to the components of the external siren or to a security company.

Control elements and switchgear assemblies enable you to quickly activate and deactivate your alarm system.

Wireless warning devices register movements and temperatures and alarm immediately in case of an intruder.

Wireless detectors register movements outdoors as garden, terrace, bay windows, etc. and immediately report any intruder.

Alerting devices like wireless sirens, which inform the inhabitant in case of an intrusion before the regular alarm starts.

Dialing devices transmit alarms and inform an emergency, service point or alternatively friends / acquaintances can be alerted by phone.

Accessories for Daitem products for D22 product line.

With the emergency locket, the user is able to make an emergency call at any time, even when the alarm system is deactivated.
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