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SimonsVoss - Digitale Schließanlagen

SimonsVoss - Digital locking system
Clever and keyless locking system 3060


The SimonsVoss Digital Locking System 3060 is an electronic version of a mechanical locking system with the functions of a typical access control system.


SimonsVoss - G2-SystemeMechanical keys are replaced by active transponders, passive smart cards, Mobile Keys, PIN code keypads or readers. Digital locking cylinders and digital fittings are used instead of mechanical locking cylinders while radio communication replaces the mechanical authentication of a key. Data is transmitted from a transponder or smart card to the locking cylinder or Smart Relay at a frequency of 25 kHz or 13.56 MHz.  Intelligent relays (Smart Relays) enable electronic switches to be activated using an authorised transponder.

The following options are available to programme System 3060, depending on the system size and personal preferences:

  • With a programming transponder without any software whatsoever
  • With a smart phone via the NFC cloud
  • With a USB config device or a programming device and software
  • Via the cable-free WaveNet network

All components can be networked at any time, even at a subsequent stage. Multi-networking offers a suitable solution for all system sizes. This is provided by network-ready Network Inside components, the WaveNet radio network (frequency of 868 MHz) and the retrofit network knob cover for existing components.


G2 Lock Systems


The term 'G2' was introduced to distinguish new systems from G1 systems. Highly developed communications protocols enable the G2 firmware generation to form even larger, more powerful lock systems and also network them virtually.

Special features of G2-based systems:

  • Programming can be performed using media (transponders, smart cards, smart tags and similar) or the locking devices, depending on which method involves less work for system management.
  • If authorisations differ between the medium and the locking device, the data last programmed are considered valid.
  • If active transponders are used, these will ensure that the time is checked in the locking devices and corrected if necessary.
  • G2 systems can be networked virtually.
  • Changes to authorisations are only updated in the media in virtually networked systems.
  • Up-to-date information is exchanged between the media and the locking devices when online doors are opened or closed in virtually networked systems. This ensures that lost or stolen transponders can be deactivated in locking devices.



Performance characteristics of G2-based systems:

  • Up to 64,000 locks per locking system
  • Up to 64,000 transponders/smart cards per locking device
  • Up to 1,000 accesses can be stored on the transponder per lock system
  • Management of up to 100 time zones
  • Up to 304,000 locking devices per transponder
  • Up to 32,000 locking devices per smart card
  • Up to 3,000 access events can be stored on a locking device / 3,600  on a SREL


Performance characteristics of G2-based systems in virtual network mode:

  • Changes to lock authorisations can be made on transponders. This occurs unnoticed by users when they pass by gateway locking devices (networked Smart Relays/locking cylinders).
  • To ensure that locking authorisations are fully up to date, users receive a time-limited access authorisation on their transponder from a networked gateway locking device, usually valid for
    twelve hours. Once this period comes to an end, the user needs to re-authorise their transponder at a networked gateway locking device. Time-limited authorisations can either be based on a specific time or use an allocated number of hours as an alternative.
  • Transponder users may also carry the blocking command for other transponder users to the locking device, for example. This blocking command is transmitted to the locking device concerned unnoticed by the user.


All components must be G2-compatible if they are to be used with G2 products in a SimonsVoss lock system. This means:

  • G2-compatible lock plan software (LSM Version 3.0 or higher)
  • G2-compatible programming device (SMARTCD.G2, SMARTCD.MP)
  • G2-compatible transponder (TRA.G2)
  • G2-compatible locking devices (Z4.xx-xx.G2, SH…G2 or G2 or SREL.G2
    and SREL2.G2)



SimonsVoss - G2-Systeme


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