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Active Technology

Transponders, Mobile Keys, Biometric Reader, Pin Code Keypad / Terminal, Smart Clip, Compact Reader, Smart Cards, Transponderterminal for identification and their programming devices.

Digital Locking Cylinder 3061 is a true all-rounder. In addition to opening and closing locking devices, it also offers a large number of intelligent functions, such as access control with logging for up to 3,000 locking events.

The SimonsVoss Smart Handle 3062 combines intelligent access control functions with an elegant, ergonomic design. Behind its slim, flat exterior lies highly innovative technology.

Thanks to its modular structure, rich variety and innovative functions such as BLE and Phone2Door (from 2019), SimonsVoss will bring a new level of intelligence, comfort and security to the door with the SmartHandle AX.

Digital Smart Relay 3063 performs the functions of an access control reader or key switch for locks without a cylinder.

The block lock function enables users to arm and disarm alarm systems in compliance with VdS regulations using an authorised transponder in System 3060.

There are different options for offline programming, depending on the lock system size. For example without software using Programming Transponder 3067.

Vorhangschlösser und Blockschloss für Scharf- und Unscharfschaltung von Alarmanlagen usw.

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