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Identification media

A digital ‘key’ for all systems. Choose the optimum identification medium for your locking system and each task – an active transponder, PIN code keypad, a biometric wall reader or other devices. The freely programmable transmitters address locks via radio, secure against interception. Access is only granted if the authorisation is valid. You can block lost media and modify access authorisations quickly and conveniently just by clicking on the locking plan. 

A System 3060 identification medium will not only enable you to operate up to seven separate locking systems, but also to log your working hours and make payments in the canteen, for example.

The transponder 3064 (TRA or TRA2.G2) is the electronic key in the SimonsVoss System 3060. Equipped with a high-performance battery, the SimonsVoss transponder can effect up to 400,000 locking and unlocking procedures.
Switch-transponder with G1 (TRA.SCHALT) or G2 (TRA2.G2.SCHALT) functions featuring two connection wires to operate via an external device using an isolated contact.
This transponder features a narrower casing (33 mm), so that it can be stored in a standardised fire service key tube safe.
5 Transponder Housing with blue, red or brown button without electronics.
Valuable transponderband to hang around the neck in SimonsVoss-design, with a metal clip for attaching a transponder.
Open your doors with a 4- to 8-digit-code. You can install the ultra-slim PIN Code keypad both indoors and outdoors and even attach it to glass.
5 batteries battery set (CR2032) for transponders with G1 or G2 functionality and keypads / terminals. The persistence can last up to 10 years, depending on locking system and use.
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