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Smart Relay

Digital Smart Relay 3063 performs the functions of an access control reader or key switch for locks without a cylinder. In the Digital Locking System 3060, it opens electrically operated doors, gates and barriers, and switches lighting, heating and machines on and off. It transfers transponder data to external systems, such as time-and-attendance systems, cashless vending systems or facility management.

The comprehensive gateway functions of Smart Relay 2 3063 in virtual network locking systems: If you transmit updated blocking lists or new authorisations to Smart Relay 2, its identification media are automatically re-programmed as soon as the users concerned are within the relay’s radio range. 

Top design included.
Time-tested Smart Relay looks stylish in its new housing and discreetly blends into its surroundings. It has received the red dot design award for its exceptional design.

SmartRelay 2 is small and compact. As you would expect, it handles standard functions such as opening a cupboard or a roll-up door. It is particularly suitable for confined installation spaces or if you wish to operate third-party system such as a time-and-attendance terminal with a transponder.

SmartRelay 3 Advanced is the all-rounder. It can be operated with transponders or smart cards or using both in a hybrid system. It easily handles standard functions – it opens electric doors and controls machines and lighting.

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