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LSM Business Edition 3.5

Intelligent components form the core of a digital locking and access control system. The SimonsVoss - LSM Business Edition 3.5 - LSM.BUSINESS is the unifying element which ensures all tasks are completed quickly and conveniently: issuing transponders to new members of staff, programming locking cylinders with current authorisations and viewing access events over the network. The more complicated requirements are, the more comprehensive the software needs to be. Anyone who needs to perform standard tasks requires just one simple application. A large corporate group with offices all over the world needs a package that offers high performance. System 3060 allows you to choose the right software from a range of different solutions. Individual versions are all compatible, ensuring future requirements will be met.



4+1, no network administration, local installation of software and data on one computer:

  • G1 locking systems
    (8,000 transponders, 16,000 locking devices, 5 +1 time zones)
  • G2 locking systems
    (64,000 transponders, 64,000 locking devices, 100 time zones)



Functions of LSM software:

  • Transponder groups
  • Areas for mapping building and organisational structures (first level)
  • Use of multiple lock systems
  • Transfer of existing locking plans (import)
  • Data exchange with mobile terminal devices (PDA)
  • Basis for extending system further


 Included modules of LSM Business 3.5:

  • LSM.BASIC - LSM Basic 3.5
  • LSM.NW-ENTERPRISE - network functions for any number of networked components
  • LSM.REPORT - extensive reporting function
  • LSM.MONITOR - logging of system changes in the software (audit compliance)
  • LSM.VN - Extension to include G2 "Virtual Network" function
  • LSM.NFC - For upgrading with NFC technology for use with a smart phone
  • LSM.ONLINE - task management, alert management, event management, access to SimonsVoss EventAgent, e-mail functionality
  • LSM.RN - time restriction on authorisations
  • LSM.CN-05 - Activation of SimonsVoss components from up to 5 computers without graphical user interface (GUI) using additional software
  • LSM.DATABASE.SERVER - Database server, hierarchical view and inheritance of authorisations, user roles, network capability for a customer LAN, client-server operation, multi-user capability (simultaneous access), communication nodes on other computers




  • Local administrator rights for installation
  • Communication: TCP/IP (NetBios active), LAN (recommended: 100 MBit)
  • NetBios can be switched off if fully qualified domain names are used (computer name with domain suffix).
  • Windows domains (not required for single workstation installations)
  • Name resolution
  • .NET Framework, min.: 2.0 for LSM and 4.0 for CommNodeServer (CNS)
  • USB interface

  • Monitor at least 48 cm (19') (or larger for displaying the matrix screen)
  • Screen resolution at least 1024x768; recommended: 1280x1024
  • Processor: at least 2.66 GHz (or faster)
  • At least 2 GB RAM (or more)
  • Hard disk size: 500 MB (about 1 GB during installation); database depends on the processed data (about 30 MB)
  • MS Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (Professional), 64 Bit

  • Processor: min. 2.66 GHz (or faster)
  • At least 2 GB RAM (or more)
  • Hard disk size for program: about 500 MB (about 1 GB MB during installation); database depends on the processed data (
  • MS Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2 oder 2012 / 2016
  • NET Framework when CommNode server used: min. 4.0
  • Server-based application: approval is required for a database directory on the ADS server (Advantage Database Server Version 11)
  • Virtual: Microsoft HyperV, VMware VSphere Client Version 5.1.0, VMware  ESXi Version 5.1.0

// 07.2020 - LSM Basic, LSM Basic Online, LSM Business, LSM Professional Edition 3.5

  • Repetition interval of tasks in days, weeks and months adjustable
  • Global search of transponders and locks also possible by TID or LID
  • Support of coming AX components
  • Temporary deactivation of a transponder/card
  • Licensing requirement for LSM Basic Edition
  • SmartSurveil
    • Display of inputs from IO router possible
    • Input event "door is locked" can be deactivated
    • Additional status display of inputs
      • Sabotage contact
      • "Door open too long"
  • New driver for active programming devices

The new version 3.5 also contains improvements that affect stability and operational reliability.

  • Troubleshooting with simultaneous use of time switching and time zone control
    Note! Can lead to a programming requirement for affected locks during the update
  • Correction when adding holidays
  • Adaptations for AX locks
  • Error correction for multiple copying of transponders
  • Troubleshooting for importing persons via CSV file
  • Unnecessary programming requirements during the initial setup of a hybrid system
  • Error message when moving MP locks to a new locking system
  • Error message when programming SREL3 after changing SID and password
  • Display error when using character encoding UTF8 in additional texts
  • Print view of access lists - missing information from readers
  • Corrections when filtering and displaying G1 identification media in the matrix
  • Card with two data sets - Reading the time configuration and personal audit trail
  • Random UID - Reading the time configuration and walk-through list
  • Corrected display for transponder battery warnings
  • VNHost - Tasks in several systems with different card configurations
  • New driver for active programming devices (version 2.12.28)
  • Internal version number 3.5.430.0
  • Download Updates files

Software LSM Basic Edition
For installation on a PC/laptop (note system requirements)
Software LSM Basic Online Edition
For installation on a PC/laptop (note system requirements)
Software LSM Business Edition
For installation in a client-server environment (note system requirements)
Software LSM Professional Edition
For installation in a client-server environment (note system requirements)
Software LSM Mobile Edition
For installation on a mobile terminal device (note system requirements)


LSM Basic Online, LSM Business and LSM Professional must be registered by li-censing their associated modules. Since this is a clean installation, existing cus-tomers also need to register (customers who already have LSM 3.3 SP1, 3.2 or older). Registration is automated initially: the customer needs to enter the order number and the consignment number to register. If the details match, anautomatic email is generated containing the licence file.



LSM software components LSM Mobile PC/DA, CommNode Server, VN Host Server, VNAdministrator, Smart.XChange, SIK/SIK.Console and transponder ter-minals are available in versions which are compatible with LSM 3.4. Installation must be launched separately for some of these components. The VN Host Server service is also installed for projects with a virtual network which are operated using SmartRelay 3 Advanced as a gateway.



A clean installation is required for LSM 3.4. The old version needs to be uninstalled first before installing LSM 3.4.

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