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The simple, yet reliable option for the less complex locking system. Authorisations and blocked lists are defined in the SimonsVoss Locking System Management (LSM) software and transmitted to a programming device. The device is connected directly to locks in the building. After data are successfully exchanged, the programming device is re-connected to the system administration, where it incorporates confirmation of updated access components into the LSM software.


Partially networked

In the case of partial networking, changes are defined in the LSM software and transmitted to gateways in the network. When users enter the radio range of a gateway, the modification data stored here temporarily are automatically transferred to their identification medium. The data are then transmitted to the locking devices the next time the user enters through a door.



You have full use of the entire range of features in System 3060 when all components are directly networked – from the system administration software via the gateways through to the locks. Data are exchanged with all networked elements in real time. It is possible to implement uses such as instant blocking of media, emergency release, activation/deactivation via LSM software, remote monitoring of locks and event management (SMS/email).


All the advantages at a glance:

  • Central system administration
  • Central door monitoring
  • Central control of external systems
  • Signals from other systems can be fed in
  • Event management
  • Evaluation of fault messages via Event Manager

Radio network for connecting digital locking cylinders, Smart Handles and Smart Relays to a central computer.

The latest router generation from SimonsVoss offers unique protective functions for door monitoring, such as ‘Lock doors in gunman incidents’, ‘Release doors in the event of fire’ or automatic signals in the case of breakdowns and emergency situations.

The WaveNet Network Thumb-turn Cover incorporates the Lock Node into the metal cover on the electronics side of a locking cylinder. It thus enables direct networking without the need to fit additional Lock Nodes next to the door and you can also dispense with I/Os.

External power supply for WaveNet Central Nodes, Routing Nodes and Repeater Nodes, External antenna for WaveNet Lock Nodes, battery sets, lock node licences, ...

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