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There are different options for offline programming, depending on the lock system size:

  • Large systems are managed with the Locking System Management software (LSM). The lock plan is produced on a PC. The data are then transferred to the digital components using Programming Device Smart CD.MP.
  • Alternatively, lock plans can be transferred to a PDA (for hybrid components only) or a netbook which communicates with the Smart CD using Bluetooth or USB.
  • Can also be programmed online; see Multi-networking.
Programming device for programming active and hybrid components / lockings. For the connection to a PC/Laptop via USB-port.
Programming device to connect to a USB port on a PC or laptop. Can also be operated online as a portable device with a netbook or touchbook To programme the SimonsVoss SC locking devices and MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE Plus® and MIFARE® DESFire® Smart Cards or Smart Tags. (only G2)
Programming Device for MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE® DESFire® smart cards/smart tags; can only be used with SMARTCD.G2. (only G2 function)
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